Runahs Silus

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Runahs Silus
Runahs Silus.jpg
Species: Forgotten
Level(s): 20


Runahs Silus provides information on the City of Torc'qua, one of the exits from the Gate of Anguish.



"Beyond the Gate of Anguish lies the Margonite city of Torc'qua."
Tell me about the Margonite city of Torc'qua.
"The city of Torc'qua was a prison, but now the Margonites flourish within its walls. They hope to elevate Mallyx the Unyielding in Abaddon's stead. Torc'qua is a dangerous place held by the great Margonite tactician Lord Jadoth. He is an implacable and dangerous foe."