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Saul D'Alessio (disguise)

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Effect details
Saul D'Alessio (disguise)
Saul D'Alessio (disguise).jpg
Campaign: Bonus Mission Pack
Type: Disguise

You are Saul D'Alessio. Your Health, Energy, skills, and attributes have been adjusted accordingly.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Signet of the Unseen.jpg

Signet of the Unseen

Castigation Signet (Saul D'Alessio).jpg

Castigation Signet (Saul D'Alessio)

Bane Signet.jpg

Bane Signet

Unnatural Signet (Saul D'Alessio).jpg

Unnatural Signet (Saul D'Alessio)

Spectral Agony (Saul D'Alessio).jpg

Spectral Agony (Saul D'Alessio)

Banner of the Unseen.jpg

Banner of the Unseen

Mantra of Inscriptions.jpg

Mantra of Inscriptions

"Form Up and Advance!".jpg

"Form Up and Advance!"