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Shiverpeak Mane/Farming

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2009-12-07: Shiverpeak Manes[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Getting to Nick[edit | edit source]

In Deldrimor Bowl, next to the collectors in the west-central area

Farming for Shiverpeak Manes[edit | edit source]

Threats & recommended skills[edit | edit source]

  • Threats: The low level centaurs offer few serious threats to L20 characters: some minor spike damage, some short-lasting conditions, and an interrupt or two.
  • Tactics: Pretty much anything that works against melee foes will work fine here, if your party is L20. Spirits and minions make great fodder.
  • Recommended skills: Bring at least some healing, some damage reduction, and some strong damage skills. Spike damage works better than AoE here since the centaurs tend to spread out quickly.

Solo farming[edit | edit source]

This is another good week to try solo farming, if you haven't done so before.

  • Bring at least one self-heal, one spike damage, and your favorite defenses.