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Sickle (double-bladed).jpg
Sickle (crescent).jpg
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s): Axe Mastery
Damage type(s): Slashing damage
Common: Iron Ingots,
Wood Planks
Rare: Steel Ingots

Description[edit | edit source]

Sickles are a type of axe with two skins. The first skin shown (which originated in Prophecies) is that of the double-bladed type with a distinct rounded head, while the other (which originated in Factions) is more similar to the traditional farming implement with a crescent blade and a short handle .

Location[edit | edit source]

Both Tyrian and Canthan Sickles are random drops.

  • The Tyrian version seems to drop more often in low-level areas of Prophecies such as Pre-Searing and can also be found in GW:EN.
  • The Canthan version is quite common and can drop with max stats in later areas of Factions as well as in Nightfall and GW:EN.

Double-bladed skin[edit | edit source]

Prophecies campaign

Factions campaign

Nightfall campaign

Eye of the North expansion

Crescent skin[edit | edit source]

Factions campaign

Nightfall campaign

Eye of the North expansion

Dye[edit | edit source]

  • Dye can be applied to the double-bladed, Tyrian sickles but has no effect on their equipped appearance.
  • When applied to the crescent-shaped Canthan sickle, it affects the color of the blade. These are dyed yellow by default.

Notes[edit | edit source]