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Skale Fin (Nightfall)/Farming

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2009-08-03: Skalefin Soup[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Getting to Nick[edit | edit source]

You can start from Jokanur Diggings or The Astralarium, then head to the tip of the peninsula that lies north of the eh in the word Zehlon Reach on the map. Starting in the Astralarium allows you to exchange your fins for soup before heading out. Map

Farming for Skalefin Soup[edit | edit source]

Suggested Farm #1 in Zehlon Reach

There are half a dozen zones that spawn the skale that drop the right type of fins. Any of these areas should be easy enough for L20 characters, no matter which profession. Spikes or AoE skills are more efficient, but nearly any skillbar will get the job done this week. Note: expect more fins drop in NM; hard mode drops tend to be worth more than 5Gold.

  • Suggested Farm #1: Exit west from Jokanur Diggings to Zehlon Reach and knock off the first 6 insects. Then, navigate through the swamp water (see map), avoiding any non-skale that might slow your progress. If going solo (recommended), bring a healing skill or hex removal; just about the only serious threat is the degen skills of the necromancers. Expect 8-12 fins per 10 min run.
  • Suggested Farm #2: In Fahranur, there are a large number of easy skale near the city's entrance. The narrow passages make them easy pickings for AoE damage.
  • Suggested Farm #3: Exit east from The Astralarium into the Plains of Jarin. Turn north and then east around the large hill. There will be 3 skale there. Kill them, then resign. The entire run using a IMS takes around 45 seconds to complete. If desired from there the player can turn south and continue along the water way.