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Skill details

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A skill can be identified by a number of characteristics:

Name and icon[edit | edit source]

A skill's name is a unique identifier for each skill, and an Icon has a purely aesthetic value. There are currently no game mechanics that depend on a skill's name or icon. However all skills follow a color scheme depending on the profession and some skill types follow specific patterns. For example all Item Spells have the character whose ashes the item spell represents between two curtains.

Cost of using a skill[edit | edit source]

Skill costs have to be paid as soon as a skill is activated. The caster is charged the cost immediately upon activation regardless of whether the skill is succesfully performed or not. There aren't any skills that cost both energy and adrenaline.

Description[edit | edit source]

A skill's effects resolve as soon as the skill's activation time is over and the skill resolves. At resolution, every effect is checked individually whether or not the target is valid for this effect.

Progression[edit | edit source]

Almost all linked skills have one or more effect variables in their description, which are colored green for easy recognition. In the game, each variable is of the form x...y, where x is the variable's value at 0 rank of the linked attribute, and y is the value at 12 rank. The value progresses linearly (before rounding) with respect to the linked attribute level, and always have integer values (before rounding) at rank 0 and 15. The formula is

VL = round(V0+L*(V15-V0)/15)

where VL is the value at rank L. Round to the nearest integer.