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Skin the Snake

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Go to the north shore and kill the Naga boss
  2. See Miller Quang for your reward

Obtained from

Miller Quang who is in Linkei Township, which is is located in Haiju Lagoon


Sentimental Treasures which can be obtained from Miller Quang also



I was hoping you would come around again, <name>! Ever since you retrieved my Old Chest for me, an idea has been forming in my mind. Before the rest of the villagers left, a number of them went to take out the Naga and reclaim our lands. According to the few survivors, they were making good headway until they came up against one particularly nasty Naga. He took out most of them before they even had a chance to react. There were only a handful that managed to flee, and those who did packed up their things that very day and headed to the city. But I have been thinking, if anyone can kill that Naga boss, you can, and maybe, if we can get rid of this Naga, we can convince the other villagers that it is safe to return.

Reward Dialogue

I knew you could do it! Well, you sure have made this old man happy. I bet the rest of the villagers will return home right away. We should have a party! Yes, a "welcome home" celebration. Hmm...I have a lot of planning to do. There is the food list, the guest list, decorations... Goodness, I'd better get right to work. Thanks again, <name>!"

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The naga boss Xsshsss Zsss can be found on the beach on the north-western shores of Haiju Lagoon, south-west of Daochu Village (see map). He is not hard to kill if you first take out his body guard. Just stay on the move to avoid his Spirit Rift.

It is worth accepting the To Zen Daijun quest first so you can utilize the extra four NPC henchmen.