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Smiting Prayers skills (Factions)

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Quest-medium.png This skill may be earned from a quest. See skill information for details.

Energy.png Energy requirement

Upkeep.png Maintenance cost

Activation.png Activation time

Recharge.png Recharge time

Smiting Prayers

Kirin's Wrath.jpg Kirin's Wrath Spell. For 5 seconds, foes adjacent to the location in which the spell was cast take 8...27...32 holy damage each second.
    5 Energy.png 2 Activation.png 30 Recharge.png
Factions Duplicate of Symbol of Wrath  
Ray of Judgment.jpg Ray of Judgment Elite Spell. Invoke a Ray of Judgment at target foe's location. For 5 seconds, foes adjacent to that location are struck for 5...37...45 holy damage and begin Burning for 1...3...3 seconds every second.
    10 Energy.png 2 Activation.png 20 Recharge.png
Signet of Rage.jpg Signet of Rage Signet. Target foe takes 5...41...50 holy damage and +5...9...10 holy damage for each adrenaline skill that foe has.
        1 Activation.png 20 Recharge.png
Spear of Light.jpg Spear of Light Spell. Spear of Light flies toward target foe and deals 26...50...56 holy damage if it hits. Spear of Light deals +15...51...60 damage if it hits an attacking foe.
    5 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 15 Recharge.png
Stonesoul Strike.jpg Stonesoul Strike Skill. Touched target foe takes 10...46...55 holy damage. If knocked down, your target takes an additional 10...46...55 holy damage.
    5 Energy.png ¾ Activation.png 8 Recharge.png
Factions Duplicate of Holy Strike  
Word of Censure.jpg Word of Censure Elite Spell. Target foe takes 15...63...75 holy damage. If your target was below 33% Health, Word of Censure takes 20 additional seconds to recharge.
    10 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 2 Recharge.png