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Snow fighting skills quick reference

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These skills are used in areas where you are under the effects of Yuletide. These areas include:

Common skills[edit | edit source]

Snowball.jpg Snowball Spell. You throw a slow-moving snowball at target foe and gain 1 strike of adrenaline. That foe takes 50 damage if it hits.
        1 Activation.png  
Mega Snowball.jpg Mega Snowball Spell. You throw a very slow-moving snowball at target foe. That foe is knocked down and takes 75 damage if it hits.
    4 Adrenaline.png 1 Activation.png  
Snow Down the Shirt.jpg Snow Down the Shirt Hex Spell. For 20 seconds, whenever target touched foe takes any damage while suffering from this hex, that foe is interrupted.
        ¾ Activation.png 30 Recharge.png
Hidden Rock.jpg Hidden Rock Glyph. Your next snowball knocks down target foe and causes Daze for 10 seconds.
        2 Activation.png 10 Recharge.png
Ice Fort.jpg Ice Fort Enchantment Spell. For 10 seconds, you cannot be knocked down, you are immune to conditions, and all incoming damage is reduced to 0. Ice Fort ends if you move.
        1 Activation.png 60 Recharge.png
"Mmmm. Snowcone!".jpg "Mmmm. Snowcone!" Shout. You are healed for 300 Health, and all of your skills are disabled for 10 seconds.
          60 Recharge.png

God-specific skills[edit | edit source]


Avalanche (skill).jpg Avalanche (skill) Spell. Target foe and all nearby foes are Crippled for 7 seconds.
        ¾ Activation.png 30 Recharge.png


Yellow Snow.jpg Yellow Snow Preparation. Lose one condition. Your next snowball causes Disease for 10 seconds.
        ¾ Activation.png 12 Recharge.png

Profession-specific skills[edit | edit source]


"Let's Get 'Em!".jpg "Let's Get 'Em!" Shout. For 5 seconds, all allies within earshot move 10% faster. You gain 1 strike of adrenaline for each ally affected.
          30 Recharge.png


Flurry of Ice.jpg Flurry of Ice Spell. Throw a snowball at up to 4 foes adjacent to your target. These snowballs deal 50 damage if they hit.
        ¾ Activation.png  


Ice Breaker.jpg Ice Breaker Enchantment Spell. For 10 seconds, target ally has +5 Health regeneration and anyone striking target ally with an attack is knocked down.
        1 Activation.png 45 Recharge.png


Holiday Blues.jpg Holiday Blues Spell. Sacrifice 50% maximum Health. All nearby foes take 50 damage, and you bring the Holiday Blues to this location. For 30 seconds, foes within the area suffer -15 Health degeneration.
50% Sacrifice.png     1 Activation.png 45 Recharge.png


Blinding Snow.jpg Blinding Snow Spell. You interrupt target foe's action. That foe is Blinded for 10 seconds.
        ¼ Activation.png 10 Recharge.png


Icicles.jpg Icicles Hex Spell. For 5 seconds, target and adjacent foes are struck for 75 cold damage and move 66% slower.
        2 Activation.png 25 Recharge.png


Side Step.jpg Side Step Skill. Shadow Step to a random location in the area. You gain 250 Health.
          25 Recharge.png


Jack Frost.jpg Jack Frost Binding Ritual. Create a level 5 Jack Frost. This creature deals 50 damage with snowballs. This creature dies after 60 seconds.
        3 Activation.png 20 Recharge.png


Steady Aim.jpg Steady Aim Shout. For 10 seconds, the next time each ally within earshot throws a snowball, that snowball moves 100% faster.
          5 Recharge.png


Avatar of Dwayna (snow fighting skill).jpg Avatar of Dwayna (snow fighting skill) Form. For 30 seconds, whenever you use a snowball skill, you are healed for 30 Health. This skill is disabled for 60 seconds.
        1 Activation.png 10 Recharge.png
Avatar of Grenth (snow fighting skill).jpg Avatar of Grenth (snow fighting skill) Form. For 30 seconds, whenever you use a snowball skill, you steal 15 Health from your target. This skill is disabled for 60 seconds.
        1 Activation.png 10 Recharge.png