Soul Reaping/Post 2007-04-05 rants and counter-rants

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I'm still waiting for ANet to undo this nerf, but some people have a hard time admitting mistakes. This was a bad one. My N/Mo healer became useless after it, and he had been a favorite character. The "Reapers Mark" elite from NF helps him maintain energy, but without a "useful" elite like Word of Healing, Life Transfer, or BiP, he's still too weak. I agree with all those others who suggest that removing SR energy from spirits would be acceptable, and make metaphysical sense. A spirit's soul has already been "reaped," so to speak. One could also argue that a minion has a meager little soul (certainly not of divine origin); make it worth no more than half, perhaps a fourth. MMs will howl, but maybe they'd be worth nothing at all; but if SR energy is Grenth's favor upon his servant for killing an enemy, there is no context in which the reward would be lost for killing too quickly. If there must be an arbitrary pause, create a queue such that EVERY death awards the energy, one per five seconds until ALL has been awarded. Yes, it's June already, but this nerf still grinds my bones. Onus Bones 02:12, 3 June 2007 (CDT)

--It grinds my bones too. I uninstalled GW the day they nerfed SR and have not played it since (I pretty much only ever played my necro). I keep looking at the game updates to see if they have changed it back, but no joy. The major selling point of GW was that you could play each chapter on its own and would not need to buy every chapter: very obviously not true. "Balancing" is based on an assumption that everyone ownes every chapter. I don't own NF so I can't use any of the SR energy management skills/spells/signets - where is my balance? I might not play GW ever again at this rate... it also gives me concerns about GW2... 15:45, 20 June 2007 (CDT) Adamo Nox Noctis