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Area of Effect

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'''Area of Effect''' (AoE) skills affect a given area of the playfield, and not any one specific target; any target inside of the area will be affected by the skill. The affected area generally does not move over time, so players can move away to avoid negative effects or closer to benefit from positive effects. Area of effect skills affect all valid targets within the horizontal radius regardless of barriers or altitude.
'''Area of Effect''' Chapter 1: Torn Curtains and Broken Flutes
In [[PvE]], since the [[Game updates/20051110|2005/11/10 update]], henchmen and creatures flee from AoE skills that do [[damage over time]], but generally take 2-3 seconds of damage before fleeing.
It was a bright day, and the sun gleamed on Gwen's black hair. Highlighting her girlish features as Little Thom passed her. "Hi Thom!" Gwen shouted as he passed. "DON'T SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT OR I'LL RAPE YOUR PUSSY WITH AN AXE BITCH" Thom replied. ":O" Was the last thing to escape Gwen's mouth before Thom wrenched her from the ground and whisked her to the dungeon underneath Ascalon City.
In [[PvP]], use such skills to clear a tactically important area of opponents so your team can take and exploit such a breach in the opposing team's defense. In [[Guild vs Guild]] games, [["Victory or Death!"]] presents an opportunity to use AoE skills on the archers who bunch up at the flagstand.
When Gwen awoke her head felt like a watermellon, swollen and juicy. Soon she would find out it wasn't the only thing swollen and juicy in the room. She scanned the room with her eyes, until she noticed a dark figure in the fetal position, naked, in the corner. She realized it was Thom, doing something quite painful to his netherregions.
Most AoEs require a target; however, some will take effect around the caster. These are called [[PBAoE]]s—point-blank area of effect.
"Let me out of here!" She tried to scream at the top of her lungs, but found her throat too clogged with semen. Thom heard this futile gargle and arose from his nest of tapestry porn. Slowly he turned around. Gwen squinted to see him in the dark corner, noticing a flash of red light coming from where his genitals should be. She didn't want to look, but her eyes were drawn to his mutilated genitals. To her horror, Little Thom had torn off his own testicles and scrotum, only a bloody hole betrayed where his manhood once was.
See also: [[Range]]
"SUCK IT, SUCK MY HOLE" Thom screamed. "Gwrgrgwgwrrhww" Gwen's mouth was still choking with the sticky substance. "SUCK IT YOU FILTHY WHORE, SUCK THE CLOTS FROM MY HOLE SO I CAN EJACULATE BLOOD INTO YOUR NUBILE MOUTH." Thom's face was beginning to turn bright red. He didn't have time to waste if his masterpiece was to be completed before his audience arrived.
== Body-Blocking Trick ==
Gwen leaned forward off of the stone slab where she was secured and opened her mouth, cum dripping out of it. Slowly she put her lips around Thom's wound and began to suck. Clots of blood began to release and soon a steady stream was pouring out. Thom was becoming lightheaded, not from the loss of blood but from the pure ecstacy of the moment. This was the penultimate moment of his adult life, he tried to hold out and prolong the moment. His effort was futile, he let out of massive stream of blood into Gwen's mouth, so much so that she had no choice but to swallow some of it. As Thom climaxed, Gwen swallowed more and more of his blood, her belly becoming ripe. It was at this moment that Prince Rurik, the audience Thom had been anticipating, arrived.
As stated above, computer-controlled creatures will flee upon being inflicted with such pulsing damage after two to three seconds.
However, if the creature is effectively body-blocked by players or any other mobs (including spirits), it will be mind-frozen trying to reach its previous target or skill use location: hence a melee or touch-range [[Boss]] could be defeated easily, unable to attack or use any offensive abilities.
"Hello Master Rurik, what a surprise!" Thom exclaimed, his face losing most of it's color, due to his reserves being empty. "What's going on here Little Thom?" Rurik asked, looking at the horrendous sight in front of his eyes, feeling perplexed and a little arroused. "I've been preparing a little treat for you, ripening it with my own sweat and blood. Behold! Gwen, the preteen whore queen of all Ascalon, ready to slake your desires!"
Rurik approached with trepidation, he had dreamed of a moment such as this all his life, but never had he imagined it could come true. His hands sweated and his armor rattled, he licked his lips and said under his breath: "For Ascalon."
He rolled the near unconcious Gwen over on the slab, and penetrated her. He was having the time of his life, when Thom interrupted. "Prince Rurik, take my royal aid!" Thom tossed him his severed penis. "Praise be to you Thom, you are a true servant of Ascalon!" Rurik penetrated her anus with Little Thom's severed genitals. Slowly he worked it in and out, but on his last stroke he pushed things too far, a fount of blood and fecal matter sprayed from her anus, soaking the Prince's royal attire. In a fit of rage, Rurik snatched Gwen's flute, and called to Little Thom. "Thom, this bitch has got to get her cumuppance. I want you to break this flute, and toss it out on the other side of the stream. She'll never be able to get it out of the clutches of those stinking Skale!" "Master, your mind is truly that of a genius!" "Quick Thom! There is no time to spare!"
To be continued....
Chapter 2: Experimentation
It had been two days since Gwen's horrible, yet liberating experience with Little Thom and Prince Rurik. She awoke and decided that today she would find her flute, fuck Sir Tydus, come home, eat dinner, and masturbate to the thought of Little Thom's bloody hole before drifting off to sleep. However, today would not be that day. As she wiped the sleep from her eyes, she looked out of her bedroom window and noticed the sky was ablaze with burning fire. Sulfur and brimstone were falling from the sky. Quickly she got dressed, in her finest latex undergarments, and ran to the safest place she knew. The catacombs beneath Ashford Abbey. As she entered the centuries old catacombs, she took a torch from the wall to light her path. As soon as she settled on a spot to ride out the storm, she heard a faint sound. "blurgrggrgrrgrgohrigormortiscockissoharddfdglcntgetenufgrgr" Gwen normally wouldn't investigate something such as this, but she felt a stirring in her loins that beckoned her to go nearer. When she finally approached the source of the noise, she found Eve, back hunched over the the hunchback of notre dame, riding the decaying cock of King Adelmianus, the great great grandfather of Prince Rurik himself! "I'm going to make you cum until bile spews from your little shriveled cock!" Eve roared with a massive grin. "Uggghhgghgghg" King Adelmianus replied.
Gwen slipped, and revealed her position to Eve.
"You little whore! You're the one who made Thom break his appointment with me! Get over here, I'm going to teach you a lesson."
Gwen walked slowly towards Eve. Eve dashed at her and ripped her clothes off, revealing her latex panties bra. The bra was much too large for Gwen's physique, but the panties were skin tight revealing her well toned, supple buttocks. Eve gasped, the sight before her was breathtaking.
"By Grenth's pock marked anus" Eve muttered in disbelief. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, what had just fallen into her hands. Eve praised Grenth and decided what she must do. She took Gwen by the wrists and chained her to the wall, the chains were so high off the ground Gwen was suspended in mid air. Eve slipped the latex off of Gwen's bottom and pushed her back against the wall slowly. A carved stone dildo inserted into Gwen's anus, for stability purposes. "Unghgggghhhh" Gwen moaned with pleasure as it went deeper and deeper.
"I'm going to give you my babies, Gwen" Eve said quietly as she took out her staff and inserted it into Gwen's willowy vagina. She waited for just a moment, and the tore her staff out with amazing force. Blood splattered everywhere, it tore Gwen's blooming muffin to ribbons.
Gwen's screamed in agony and pleasure. Her stomache began to grow and grow.
"What have you done Eve?" "I've given you the fruit of my loins"
Just then there was a loud crash, and the sound of footsteps could be heard echoing through the catacombs. Eve heard this and ran out a side passage, leaving Gwen alone with King Adelmianus.
Adelmianus had heretofore been lying quietly on his slab. He saw that his mistress was gone and decided to seize the opportunity. Getting up slowly, he ambled his way over to Gwen, who was still in too much pain to notice him. He placed a small box at her feet, and climbed on it to give himself some extra height. Grabbing Gwen's mouth he forced it open and inserted his maggot filled cock into her mouth. He then proceeded to jump off the box, breaking his cock off in her mouth. Grabbing her mouth again with his hands he forced her to chew, making his cock into a fine mush of maggots bile and 140 year old human flesh.
"Grhrhrgrgrg SWALLOW IT fgdfhrehrhrhrh" he moaned.
Just then a Charr burst into the room and cleaved Adelmianus from ass to mouth. Gwen's mouth burst open, and she vomitted Adelmianus' cock all over herself. The Charr looked in disgust at her.
"RARRGRGRHRRR" He said, as he impaled her pregnant belly with his furry cock.
To be continued...
Chapter 3: Curtains for Gwen, and the Carpet Matches them
Gwen hanged by her wrists, stone phallus still inserted in her anus. She stared at the hair covered fleshy monstrosity that was impaled through her abdomen. Tears ran down her face, she knew the gift from Eve that had been gestating in her womb had been destroyed. Slowly the Charr Chieftain slid his massive cock out of Gwen's uterus. As he finished pulling out, two green, semen covered bone fiends flopped out of Gwen, wriggling on the floor from reflex action. Gwen looked at her babies convulsing on the floor, black bile seeping out of their under-developed eye sockets. It was the last thing she saw before she died.
ACT II: Chapter 1 - Zombie Gwen
Gwen awoke, suffering a horrible case of post-mortem depression. All lust for life had been replaced by a ferocious lust for cock. She looked around, surveying her surroundings. Claude was there, along with a figure she could not recognize. She wracked her brain trying to capture his identity. "Hello Gwen, I am Claude! I have resurrected you from death, you are to be my servant in this life, satiating all my needs, and all the needs of my partner here. You may know him, his name is Theodore Roosevelt." Theodore Roosevelt was in a sky blue thong that was so thin you could see the moisture seeping out of his putrid cyst. "Hallo Gwen!" Teddy Roosevelt yelled at the top of his lungs. "Gwen, I want you to get up off your bed and come over here." Claude beckoned "Good, good! Now, slide down Theodore's panties. Excellent! Here, take this knife. Now slice open his putrid cyst and cupple your mouth with it." Gwen obeyed all of Claude's commands with increasing zeal. With a great heave Theodore clinched his buttocks, and squeezed the pus from his putrid cyst. It oozed it's way into Zombie Gwen's mouth, seeping into her belly. Gwen found the sensation warm and refreshing.
"Move to the side Gwen!" Claude took command of the situation, Gwen was not to be the only reciever of Theodore Roosevelt's bounty. Sucking hard, Claude emptied Theodore's cyst, leaving only a wrinkled flap of skin where once had been a bounteous sore chocked full of delicious putrescence.
Claude held the substance in his mouth, and cuppled with Teddy. He released the load into Teddy's mouth, twirling his tongue to make sure every inch was defiled.
Gwen moved in back of Theodore Roosevelt and began diddling his asshole with her left hand's index and middle fingers. She reached around front and grabbed Claude's rock hard cock, caressing it with her sandpapery undead skin. Faster she moved her hand, tearing the flesh from Claude's penis until he could take no more. He grabbed her hand and pulled it off of his cock. He lifted her up and slammed her down to the ground, forcing her to land on all fours. Theodore took this as his cue. Getting down on his knees, he took out a knife and carved a hole in Gwen's back. He mounted her, and began projectile diarrheaing into his makeshift undead toilet. The revolting mess flowed into the wound in her back, evacuating via the wound in her stomach.
Meanwhile Claude had left the room to retrieve something from his closet. He came back to the room, his bloody dick taped up with razor blades. He ran to Gwen, giddy with anticipation, and rammed his razor covered cock into her mouth shredding it to bits. Gwen clawed the floor, the pleasure was too great. She clawed harder and harder until she tore her nails off.
Claude began to convulse over and over, and he ejaculated a liquidy mix of blood and semen into Gwen's shredded maw. Gwen gargled it and spat it in Theodore Roosevelt's face, who quipped "Well I declare!" As he finished emptying his bowels into Gwen's fresh wound.
Gwen passed out on the floor, and Claude carried her to her bed.
"Goodnight little gimp" He said, as he kissed her semen covered forehead.