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Avicara Elementalist Robes

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| type = Salvage item
{{SalvageItem|[[Image:Salvage Light Armor.jpg]]}}
| rarity = Varies
[[Avicara Elementalist Robes]] are [[Salvage Item]]s [[Drop rate|dropped]] by slain [[Avicara]] [[elementalist]] boss, [[Hyl Thunderwing]].
| value = Varies
| stackable = No
| campaign = Prophecies
| common salvage = Bolt of Cloth
| rare salvage = Bolt of Linen; Bolt of Silk
[[Avicara Elementalist Robes]] are [[Salvagesalvage Itemitem]]s [[Drop rate|dropped]] by slain [[Avicara]] [[elementalist]] boss, [[Hyl Thunderwing]]s.
==Sell value==
Varies: 40-50 [[gold]]
==What drops it==
*[[Hyl Thunderwing]]
[[Category:Contains cloth]] [[Category:Contains linen]]
==[[Crafting material]] it can salvage into==
===[[Common crafting material]]s===
*[[Bolt of Cloth]]
===[[Rare crafting material]]s===
*[[Bolt of Linen]]
[[Category:Salvage armor]]
[[Category:Contains cloth]]
[[Category:Contains linen]]