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Kree Foothills

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The [[Kree Foothills]] are the birth place of [[Aidan]]. It is a location in the [[Shiverpeak Mountains]]. (Aidan's mother died giving birth to him while his family was on a wagon trail from [[Kryta]] to [[Ascalon]].) The exact location of the Kree Foothills is unknown.
''Note: "Kree Foothills" washas -in atthe onepast pointbeen duringthe [[beta]]name of two in-game thelocations, namewhich ofhave whatsince isbeen nowrenamed, one calledto [[Borlis Pass]]. Later(during it[[beta]]) wasand the name of what is nowone calledto [[Yak's Bend]]. Both locations have been renamed.''
''In addition, the most recent [ official Guild Wars website] now lists Aiden's birthplace as "Borlis Pass" rather than "Kree Foothills", which indicates that are continuing with phasing out all the old location names.''