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Kaijun Don

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| name = Kaijun Don
| image = [[Image:Kaijun Don.jpg|200px]]
| prof = [[Monk]] | icon = [[Image:Monk-icon.png]]
| level = 22
| map1=[[Image:Kaijun Don map.jpg|200px]]}}
| map1-text = Location}}
The description on the monument in [[Nahpui Quarter (Location)|Nahpui Quarter]] reads:
**[[Nahpui Quarter (Mission)]]
==Skills Usedused==
*{{Skill icon|Reversal of Fortune}}
*{{Skill icon|Reverse Hex}}
*{{Skill icon|Signet of Judgment}} ([[Eliteelite]])
*{{Skill icon|Zealot's Fire}}
==Items Droppeddropped==
*[[Celestial Essence]]
==Related Links==
*[[Hai Jii]]
*In the English version of the game, the name is spelled in three words, ''Kai Jun Don'', during the entry cinematic.
*As evidenced by the skills, Kaijun is a smiting monk, contrary to popular belief.
*Kaijun, and her offshoot celestials, will always use [[Signet of Judgment]] as their first attack when initially attacking players.
*See also: [[Tahmu]], [[Hai Jii]] and [[Kuonghsang]].
*Kaijun Don is likely Guild Wars' equivalent of the Chinese [[wikipedia:White Tiger|White Tiger]], popularized in Japan as Byakko, the symbol of the western constellations.
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