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Gain Jin

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# Speak to [[Field General Hayao|General Hayao]] and formally accept Jin's oath of service.
'''Obtained from'''
:[[Acolyte Jin]] in [[Throne of Secrets]].
:Completion of the [[Abaddon's Gate (Mission)]].
:Acolyte Jin was not unlocked from the quest [[Student Jin]].
:*25002,500 [[XP]]
:*Acolyte Jin joins your party.
:''"Good day, noble hero. Your deeds prove that you possess great honor and a commitment to the good of the nation. I, too, revere these things. Let me serve you, and I will bring honor to your house. Will you accept my sword? If you do, please tell '''[[Field General Hayao|General Hayao]]''' so he may write your name into the scrolls of outour people."''
::'''Accept:''' ''"It would be my honor."''
::'''Decline:Accept''': ''"SeemsIt likewould abe lotmy of paperworkhonor. Can't we just shake on it?"''
::'''Reject''': ''"Seems like a lot of paperwork. Can't we just shake on it?"''
::'''When asked about quest:''': ''"I am still bowed in service. I wish to swear fealty to you. Have you spoken to '''General Hayao'''?"''
'''Reward Dialogue'''
Simply travel to [[Kamadan, Jewel of Istan|Kamadan]] and enter the [[Sun Docks]] andto speakthe east. Speak to Field General Hayao to receive the reward.
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