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A collective slang term generally used to describe a character who relies primarily on spells rather than weapons, although it can be used to refer to any profession capable of casting spells. All current caster professions have 4 energy regeneration.

Pure Casters[edit | edit source]

These are the professions that the term caster is generally used to refer to. Elementalists, Mesmers, Monks, Necromancers & Ritualists fall into this category. The vast majority of these professions' skills are spells, and they have few if any attack skills. All pure casters get +2 energy regeneration, +10 maximum energy and a maximum AL of 60 on their basic armor, and have wands, staves and foci tied to their attributes.

Caster Hybrids[edit | edit source]

These are professions that are capable of casting spells, but are less focused on them. The two caster hybrids are Assassins and Dervishes, both of which are caster / melee hybrids. Both professions have +4 energy regeneration, +5 energy and a maximum AL of 70 on their basic armor. Both caster / melee hybrid professions have a single weapon mastery attribute tied to a two-handed weapon, with no weapons or off-hand items tied to any other attributes.

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