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Species: Sylvari

Description[edit | edit source]

The Sylvari are a species encountered in Guild Wars Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2. The singular form of Sylvari is currently unknown. From the May 2007 issue of PC Gamer:

"A young race of nature spirits who have awakened with the rise of a new age in Tyria, Sylvari are beings of light, uncorrupted by knowledge of sorrow, suspicion or hatred. Sylvari are proficient in things related to magic and dexterity."

They are a young race of nature spirits. They are agile and magically adept, with a connection to plants.

Concept art depicts a Sylvari female as a slim humanoid with leaflike hair, soft facial features and swirling tattoos.

In the Guild Wars Special edition from PC Gamer (October 2007), it was revealed that the tree found in Arbor Bay is effectively the origin of the Sylvari.

Ronan, a Shining Blade agent, brought a strange seed he found in a cave during the war to home, but when he finds its hometown razed, decides to plant it and never again fight.

Ronan stayed on this place from then on, possibly as a caretaker.

Later it is revealed that Ventari abandons his previous home and joins Ronan on this new post, creating a new refuge for Centaurs and humans, while the pale tree grew at the center of it. However, their good intentions ultimately fail and first Ronan, and then Ventari, died.

However, before his death Ventari carves a tablet with his teachings, and passes on in 1165 AE. Hundreds of years later the first Sylvari sprout from the tree.

After they were born, all Sylvari became attracted to the tablet left by Ventari, and it's unclear if the tablet itself or the spirit of Ventari shaped their ethics, but what is clear is that the Ventari Tablet is their most precious relic, and that its influence guides their every move.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This unusual tree in Arbor bay has been hinted as having something to do with the origin of the Sylvari.
  • The name 'Sylvari' might come from the latin word 'Silva', which means forest. The latter part of the word could reasonably stem from Ventari's name.
  • So far, Sylvari has been used in the plural and possessive forms, the correct singular form is currently unknown.
  • The birth place of all Sylvari can be found at a tree on an island in the Southwest quadrant of Arbor Bay near a resurrection shrine. This place is guarded by Ventari.

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of GW:EN.

  • At the end of GW:EN the birth of the Sylvari is implied, but not shown.

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