Tablet of Janthir

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The Tablets of Janthir are artifacts found scattered throughout Kryta especially around White Mantle sacred or significant sites. Each tablet contains teachings of the White Mantle. Close examination of the inscriptions on the tablets reveal them to be dogmatic, insisting on blind subordinance to the Unseen Ones rather than to the Gods of Tyria.

The name is a reference to Janthir, the sacred island of the White Mantle.

These are the inscriptions on the Tablets of Janthir:

In our faith, we are blind
In the Unseen, we seek true sight
In ourselves, we find obedience

-- "Peasant's Prayer" from the Book of Loam

At his heart, every man has inside him a place of darkness. The challenge of the righteous man is not only to recognize in himself that which he seeks to strike down in the wicked, but to understand that he too is wicked.

-- Verse 3, The Book of Confessors

Although it stands to reason that a Believer should be mindful of that in which he believes, it seems that we are all at times negligent. Consequently, if someone were to ask the Believer in what he believes, the person who can answer without stopping to contemplate and reflect is rare.

-- Exerpt from the Book of Tests

The true Believer does not ask for compensation
The true Believer does not ask his gods to deliver him from sin
The true Believer places his life in the hands of faith, trusting in the Unseen

-- Verse 11, Book of Heresy

The crossroads will come, a hiccup in time when the rest of history has not been written. At this juncture, when the fate of the world hangs in the balance, the forces of evil will rise. It is at this point, that the chosen ones may fail

-- Scroll of Seeing

The real test of a Believer is his range of sight
Faith does not require a clear vision
But rather an acceptance of what is truly there

-- Oath of the Unseen

The way of the Chosen is found in death. When pressed with the choice of life or death, it is only in the latter that the Unseen shall be brought to glory. Patience progress in this delivery shall be rewarded in the next life.

-- from a conversation with Elder Confessor Schessler

A person is a good Believer to the extent that he earnestly places importance in his masters. But even a person who is good for nothing will be a reliable supplicant if only he has the utmost faith in his masters

-- Verse 8, Book of Ranks

A man once climbed to the top of the tallest mountain to find out how far he could see. Upon arriving, he looked out on what he believed to be the edge of the world. The thought of what lay beyond so frightend him that he climbed back down, never to return

-- Journal of Abbot Catos

In a person's life he may encounter many doors. Some of them will be shut. Others will be open wide. But those with locks should remain shut tight, for faith comes in the acceptance that there are some things best left alone.

-- Verse 4, Book of the Piety