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Tahembi Expert Necromancer.jpg
Species: Human
Profession: Necromancer Necromancer-icon.png
Level(s): 20

General[edit | edit source]

Tahembi is a Necromancer expert for the Sunspears. He teaches about enchantments together with his wife Radhiya, who is a Mesmer expert.

Quests Involved In[edit | edit source]

Location[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

To Necromancers or those without a secondary profession:

"Isn't my Radhiya the most beautiful woman in Chahbek Village? How lucky I am to have her!"
Tell me about enchantments.
"Enchantment spells provide beneficial magic to yourself or an ally. They may protect you from attacking or provide an increase in your abilities, such as increased speed or Energy. A small yellow upward arrow on a character's Health bar indicates that an Enchantment Spell has been cast on that character. When you encounter an exceptionally difficult foe, it is wise to check for Enchantments on that foe and then remove them if possible."

During quest Secondary Training:

"I know that many of my companions have lost family members in this corsair attack, but my magnificent Radhiya is tough as well as beautiful! Together, she and I can handle nearly anything... well, on a smale scale, at least. Our skills are quite complimentary. She is a Mesmer, and I am a Necromancer. Have you ever studied Necromantic enchantments and removal? Perhaps you should!"
Can you teach me some Necromancer skills?
(Tahembi teaches the skills Strip Enchantment and Plague Touch)
Tell me about enchantments.
(see above)

To those of other professions with the secondary profession already chosen:

"Excuse me, can I help you? Radhiya, is this one of your students?"