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Looking out the settlement towards the rolling hills take note at the right Settlement Guard by the entrance. He's a W/R with Troll Unguent. I guess there are more dual profession NCPs then we notice :)

Settlement guard.jpg

Lonely Monk 07:42, 24 February 2007 (CST)

Hah, that's cool. Good find. Big picture though.

They also have Healing Signet, Sever Artery, and Galrath Slash. They're much better than Ascalonian Guards. However, I once rounded up like 12 Gypsie Ettins and at least 20 Avicara. They owned the guards and massacred the village (including the skill trainer). It was fun but I forgot to take a screen shot. Bisurge 01:53, 21 August 2008 (UTC)

Notes grammar?[edit source]

"So you better double-check that you've completed all your business before you leave," doesn't seem like it's proper grammar. Could we possibly re-word it?--Marcopolo47 signature new.jpg (Talk) (Contr.) 10:51, 10 June 2009 (UTC)

Ah, good of you to notice, I forgot to remove that when I added {{landmark}}. --◄mendel► 11:03, 10 June 2009 (UTC)

Peacekeepers[edit source]

There are now peacekeepers guarding the entrance.