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A Boss key appears in more than that. They are in numerous dungeons. I'm not smart about wiki, so i wont change this article, but whoever does, a note: you need 1 spare inventory spot to pick up the boss key, although it doesn't actually take up the inventory slot. If you try with a full inventory it will not let you, stating "your inventory is full" Also, any party member can use the lock the key is required for, since the effect of picking it up, much like using an area map, affects the entire party

  • Thanks for the additional information. I'd be glad to help you with editing if you like. Cogito 13:48, 11 September 2007 (CDT)

This article has one of the most freakish layouts on the wiki.
Dungeon key and Boss key are probably zelda references.

--MLegion 00:22, 11 October 2007 (UTC)

Probably because of the freakishly huge image. there need only be the image of the dungeon key on-screen. not half the ss itself. Also, of course indirect spells can affect enemies behind the doors when theyre shut that require a key. its the same with any doors in the game. until they are opened, projectiles cannot be exchanged. target will always be obstructed, so, for example, any ranger attack skills will be obstructed, but spells like Meteor Shower will work