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Merging[edit source]

The article Spellcaster seems inferior to this article. if the two were to be merged then Spellcaster should be deleted, Spellcaster should redirect to caster as Caster is linked to many more pages than Spellcaster. I'm not even sure there is any need to note about Skull Crack, etc being effective against casters as a caster hey cast spells which means alot of a mesmer's skill range is effective against them do we note those down? I don't think so... I'll carry out what I suggested here. --Jamie (Talk Page) 02:49, 13 September 2006 (CDT)

There is one minor conflict here: We still don't have final clarification about whether the term casting is reserved for spells only, or if it's an eqivalent term for "skill activation", i.e. it refers to all kinds of skills. If it's the latter then "caster" isn't a 100% equivalent term for "spellcaster". Even worse, in that case "spellcaster" would be the more fitting term for what we discribe in the article. Anyway ... it's really minor. --Tetris L 03:04, 13 September 2006 (CDT)