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I'm sorry for creating this entry in that condition. I wish I had kept track of the conversation because right now I'm missing a main quest and this is the last one I got. It is given to you in Zos Shivros Channel, as far as I remember. --Nilles 23:08, 30 April 2006 (CDT)

The follow up to this one is Battle in the Sewers. :) --Nilles 00:31, 1 May 2006 (CDT)

Details[edit source]

This really needs more detail. "Clear the sewer" is hardly a walkthrough. Unfortunately, because I've already done this quest, and didn't take notes, I can't update it. But for people referring to this article at a later date, or to help other people, it isn't really clear on what has to be done in the sewer. Pretty much all the quests can be tagged with the "clear the area" tag...

Walkthrough[edit source]

I uploaded a jpg of the path to take. Unfortunately I didn't take the screenshot until after I had already talked to the guy so the compass star isn't shown. He is at my position in the picture.

Concerning the walkthrough:

I did not have a group attack me from the bridge direction. I entered the zone, fought one regular group just before the first set of stairs. Went up the stairs and took a right. Fought another regular group and crossed the bridge. Up ahead slightly to the right is another set of stairs, I went up those to find a fair number of city guards fighting a group of afflicted. By the time I got there, the guards had killed all of them. I then took a left and ran into one more group of afflicted before continuing and the guy was on my right.