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There is likely a bug with this quest. I had Master of Whispers in my party, without ever taking this quest, or the ones needed for it, and the Ancient Coffer spawned in Vehjin Mines, with all normal heket and bramble spawns gone, except for the boss. I couldn't do anything to the coffer though, it just stood there. Possibly just a bug.. Helps in trying to farm Shak-Jarin from Basalt though, cause the heket spawns won't bother. --Angelo

Yup, happened again, no quest, Master in the party.. Ancient Coffer appears, and no heket or bramble spawns exist --Angelo
Happened to me too, I was going to Basalt with a guildie who had Master in his party and there was a very large open area right in front of the entrance to the Grotto with an opened Coffer (I thought it was like one of those Treasure things); I head back outside without my guildie (and w/out Master; I'm a Magrid person) and there's no coffer and a bunch of mobs....very confusing indeed. Zaboomafoo 20:02, 4 February 2007 (CST)

Anomaly?[edit source]

Last night I was doing this quest chain with my ranger. I finished the second one, got this quest from the Quarrymaster, then warped to basalt grotto. I walked outside and killed the guard and the scythe of chaos, but the quest didnt update. So i tried it a few more times with the same result. I abandoned the quest and went back to the Quarrymaster to try again, thinking it was somehow bugged. But after i received the quest, i noticed that Belhan was now following me. So I went all the way through the mines to the coffer, and the quest updated as normal and I sucessfully completed it. So I assumed a couple things: 1. The quest was just bugged somehow. 2. (and my personal thought) is that the Quarrymaster must come with you to the coffer. or 3. you must kill all the margonites/kournans on the surrounding cliffs. The quest says you must "secure the area". the quest marker indicates the area around the coffer, but I thought that maybe you had to kill all the margonites anyway, which i had to do on my second time to get to the coffer. I had Master of Whispers with me on all attempts. Any thoughts? 18:26, 6 June 2008 (UTC)

My experience supports 3. I did the lazy map-travel thing you did, killed the Scythe, and stood around a while, waiting for more spawns. When they didn't come, I killed off the two groups of Margonites and one group of Kournans nearby. Quest updated. --KythiusZeregar 14:52, 17 June 2008 (UTC)