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Gate of Madness Lich drop...[edit source]

Well I added it before, and it's on the Lich's page. I was helping a friend do Gate of Madness and he dropped it when killed, I remember it was a purple armor, had a major motivation rune on it. I didn't think to take a screenie because I didn't think it would matter. Anyway when I updated it I forgot to log in so I don't know if it was that reason it was removed or maybe because it's kind of a spoiler (since it's the one in Nightfall)? So I um, added a spoiler tag incase there's issues with that. But I mean other "key characters" are recorded on drop pages like this, lkike Glint and the Topaz Crest for exmaple. I might be missing something here, anyway just wasn't sure why it was removed before (It was still on the Lich's page but not here anyway..). --Blobulator 17:10, 10 March 2007 (CST)

Spoiler[edit source]

I edited the spoiler part by presing a few enters so that the warning would have at least some effect (I saw the lich lord without draging down). Of course it depends on resoluton and such. Edit back if you want - Atta