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Talk:Dervish Istani armor

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Is this the armor that has the biggest bust size for the female Dervish? Or is there another armor?

I looked through everything... And Everything you put on them seems to just squish their bosom down to deformed fashion model 'bumps'. This top here seems to be the least "compressing" (but still over the top IMO). If you're creative with angles/clipping you can look right up your dervishes basic tan cloth and see an obvious pair of C's that instantly turn into A's mere inches from her neck line when most of the actual Armors are applied.... and then roll an Elementalist and magically turn her C's into Double-D's with certain Armors. WTH Anet? -- I guess it's a stupid thing to complain about but it annoys me enough to mention these inconsistencies and just ask Anet: "what's wrong with the natural Look?" ..Why should anything that restricting be the only style? *sigh* --ilrDervish
o>O wtf Lost-Blue 02:45, 13 March 2008 (UTC)