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HI All,

On the the 30/6/07 i Vanquished this area and recieved the award at 146 slain foes. Also there was still 2 Devourers alive on the map that i had not caused to pop up, these where located in the very south-western end of the map. Seemed strainge to get it a lot less than stated here and also to find 2 more enemies arround but such is life!!

Stevious Maximus

Chasing Hydra[edit source]

During a vanquish on this area, I was forced to chase Brol Migo Hinga quite some way. He passed my party at gallop and before I could chase him down he completely disappeared. I finally found him on the other side of the map as though he'd teleported (even though there were no teleportation shrines nearby) RoeChambeau 16:17, 27 July 2008 (UTC)