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Talk:Drop rate/Ancient Elonian Chest

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Skewed Drop Rates? =[edit source]

I've been encountering a trend with chests (Ancient Elonian and Vabbian, havn't opened enough Margonite yet to see if it holds there). It seems that if you repeatedly "farm" chests in the same area for a while, the quality of the drops from those chests reduces. When I first started opening Vabbian chests, I would usually get 6/10 gold. Currently, when I open a Vabbian chest, its 1/10 gold. The same problem happens with Ancient Elonian chests. When I first started opening Ancient Elonian chests, I got about 8/10 gold. Currently, I get about 5/10 gold, maybe more like 4/10 most recently.

I beleive it might be important to start tracking time-based trends as well as overall drop rates. I am going to watch for this trend with Margonite chests, as I have started opening them (what with Vabbian almost completely "dry" and Ancient Elonian chests "drying up"). I also recently noticed that I got relatively high numbers of gold items from Kournan chests, although they usually had less than max stats on everything (and poor reqs). I've been going for my Treasure Hunter and Wisdom title tracks, but its very dissapointing to see that my hard-earned cash is wasted more and more, as the value of drops just gets worse and worse the more chests I open.

An alternate possability is that ArenaNet is tweaking drop rates of chests, for whatever unknown reasons, but I see no way to empirically test for that. Jrista 03:28, 7 March 2007 (CST) Sabuu Psycosis [ObMh] 06:27, 23 March 2007 (CDT)