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Securing Echovald Forest is EVIL. I spent ages doing it all, then zoned back to the town so i could zone out and get the reward guess what, it quit the quets for me :| — Skuld 02:03, 26 March 2006 (CST)

Is there an article that has a list of the um, ranks for towns. By ranks I mean which towns take the most faction to hold. Obviously HzH and Cavalon but what order are the other stuff? — JediRogue JediRogueSig.jpg
Hmmm, we don't have it apparently. Kurzick-Luxon border looks like a good place to put it. I don't know the exact order though, except that it kinda follows a circle. So Luxon is Harvest Temple -> Seafarer's Rest -> Aurios Mines .... -> Breaker Hollow. The Kurzicks is from Harvest Temple -> Durheim Archives -> Amatz Basin .... -> Tanglewood Copse. --Ab.Er.Rant User Aberrant80 Sig.png (msg Aberrant80) 22:18, 5 June 2007 (CDT)
Have you noticed that everything in the forest is necro emo?Entrea SumataeEntrea Sumatae [Talk] 23:26, 19 February 2008 (UTC)