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Talk:Elementalist Elite Stormforged armor

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Can someone fix the links for the Male Elite Stormforged pics? I changed the title from Aeromancer to Stormforged and it messed up the pic links. Thanks.

details[edit source]

why doesnt this article have details like what it does (energy, armor, health, etc.)-- 01:23, 5 June 2007 (CDT)

simply because all armors now are inscriptible, meaning that except the armor bonus (60 for eles) you can have the bonus you want on your armor

Colours[edit source]

I have this armour and ive dyed it but its quite boring, is there any pink colours that I could do???

Female coloring[edit source]

Now, im extremely interested in this armor - I've had regular stormforged on my female ele for ages, and I have it died this wonderful Blue-purple, maybe with a red in there. But the thing is, these armors dye completely differently. I would like to preserve that color with the same style it is on regular stormforged - in the cracks. now, I can't even really tell if the color changes - but I'm wondering which part dyes closer to regular stormforged, and if possible, could someone possibly link me an image of the dye window with a blue-purple mix? -actually, just checked it in game, and it's a red-purple mix, but I actually really like blue-purple as well. I also like the metallic sheen it has. Here's a link- top is blue, bottom red -purple. Could someone post a screencap for comparison with the elite armor? Ravien Coromana 11:12, 3 April 2012 (UTC)

Here's a couple dyejobs. Is that what you were looking for? --Vipermagi 15:26, 3 April 2012 (UTC)
Thanks. It seems to me that the elite doesn't take dye similar at all, and has a more cloth-like feel than a metallic sheen like regular stormforged. Looks like I'm going for E.Stoneforged instead.