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Talk:Fishermen's Haven

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Do any quests lead here? This should be the location for a quest to the ToA, and there is one, but shouldn't there be a quest at Sanctum Cay that leads to Fishermen's Haven? If I had not seen this place on an actual map, I would have never found it... --Nova 20:32, 4 February 2007 (CST)

Nope, as far as I know there is no quest or storyline or anything that leads here. There is a quest in here that will lead you to ToA, though...however most players reach ToA before here. It is quite out of the way and it would be nice if there was a quest that led here. I would probably never have bothered at the time if the quests offered weren't skill reward ones ;) Entropy 21:17, 4 February 2007 (CST)
Most of the outposts in the Prophecies Campaign are like that. They were designed to encourage you to explore I guess, unlike Factions and Nightfall. Nightfall was the worst - every single location has a quest that leads at least to the entrance so you'll never miss one unless you skip quests. At least Factions has a couple of such "hidden" locations. --Ab.Er.Rant Necromancer (msg Aberrant80) 21:30, 4 February 2007 (CST)
Just like Ice Tooth Cave and Maguuma Stade --Blue.rellik 09:48, 15 June 2007 (CDT)
That's what makes prophecies the best. I hope the GWEN expansion is more like proph. I also seem to see alot of bots here... Monks with no guild and no reasonable names (for ex., names like Jkdsol Kxptvn) that won't respond to whisper and when they appear in outpost, run straight, hit the wall, and slide against the wall until they zone out. I have seen lots here and none of them respond and they all do the exact same thing, slide against wall until they zone out.

Anyone else noticed that the island which has the Xunlai Chest on it isn't on the mini map? 13:33, 18 July 2007 (CDT)

LOL. i guess that happens on occasion but since it has npcs on it the automap looks goofy.--JRyan 04:03, 2 January 2008 (UTC)

Does anyone else see a floating piece of land with a castle built on top? It has some ropes coming off of it, but its just floating in the distance...pretty crazy.

Wizard's Tower? Yeah, I've seen it. --- VipermagiSig.JPG-- (s)talkpage 08:23, 2 March 2008 (UTC)

Beautiful area IMO. Especially with the view of the aforementioned Tower. PossessedLinebeck 13:06, 1 July 2008 (UTC)