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Cleanup[edit source]

This article should probably be expanded and cleaned up a bit, I'll probably do it sometime today, but if someone else wants to get started on it, that would be hot. --Thom Bangalter 14:49, 10 March 2007 (CST)

Needs more hard numbers[edit source]

I figured out focusing myself. This wouldnt help someone i dont think. I think of it this way: (names refer to prot monk doing this)

  • Starter Set:-7 energy.
    • A sundering spear of enchanting/fortiude(15^-5)and forgotten fan style focus.
  • Pressures building, the "neutral" set:+5
    • Sundering Spear with +5 and enchant/fortitude. Shield of fortitude, w/e inscription.
  • Wow that sin is good:+17 energy
    • Same spear. A focus with a req in w/e you have 9 in.+30 and w/e inscription
  • Spirit Bond=Shattered:+37 -2pips energy(i think, since i dotn use it).
    • Wand with 15^-1. Same focus as before, but 15^-1 inscription.

Added bonus for obsessive compulsives like me:the first 3 sets each add the same amount(+12) of energy from the last amount. Idk if this is how its actually done. So should i change it?Forgot to login12.75.128.51 23:17, 12 August 2007 (CDT)