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Talk:Keiran Thackeray (Disguise)

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Skill Overwrite[edit source]

I was just doing Shadows in the Jungle and discovered a rather alarming problem with the skills you're given while under this disguise. If you manually move the skills' order around (I moved my heals into 6 and 7, which are mapped to my mouse buttons) then when you gain a new skill, it will overwrite any skill in that slot. So near the end of Shadows in the Jungle, my Nature's Blessing got overwritten when Thackeray gained "Find their Weakness!"... was fun finishing the mission without the heal, I can tell ya! I guess a warning somewhere would be appropriate, but not sure which page/s it should go on, or how to word it. → Dark.Morelia.sig.jpg Dark Morelia 02:57, 10 October 2011 (UTC)

Thackeray Skill Overwrite.jpg