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Locations[edit source]

I haven't actually seen him in a lot of those locations. --Lemming64 07:24, 19 December 2006 (CST)

Most were added by an anon user. if no one will beat me to it, I'll check those when I'll get home. Foo 08:00, 19 December 2006 (CST)
You were right. Foo 14:09, 19 December 2006 (CST)

he looks excatcly like Stefan - hoax

Did they remove him from the game? I can't find him at all anymore. 01:44, 22 December 2006 (CST)

The site says that the npc will appear in 30 days of the tournement ends and you have 30 more days after that to claim prize. So he will probably reappear soon.—├ Aratak 14:51, 22 December 2006 (CST)

This seriously needs an update; he no longer looks anything like Stefan, and there are monthly tournaments where betting can earn one prizes. Aliana Stoneskye 9:46 p.m., 12 December 2007 (EST)

Kun Shao in Great Temple of Baltha[edit source]

The following is a recent screenie of that npc in one of his location :


TulipVorlax 10:03, 13 February 2008 (UTC)