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It seems that each of these heroes is suppose to represent something more then purely the person they are talking about.

Even tho the story talks about a dragon named Keilthass, it could be very likely that the designers are nodding at WoW,one of the main enemies in WoW is Kael'thas Sunstrider.

The second story lorewise might be the inspiration behind the Silver Eagle armor,more specifically the helmet, now the armor is being crafted by a dwarf so maybe not, if it was crafted by a norn it might be more believable.

The third story might be more generic in the inspiration, but basically it is describing the player(s) that have decided for no reward other then just the the enjoyment and the accomplishment, to fight from droks to beacons or the other way around.

When i saw the name Keilthass i knew it sounded familiar but couldnt figure out where from, when i googled it and found Kael'thas i was pleasantly surprised,If there is a story behind the silver eagle mask it makes it that little bit more special in my opinion.I personally am on of those people that for no reason at all besides just the accomplishment,have done the Shiverpeaks walk.Durga Dido 18:47, 18 December 2008 (UTC)