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Talk:Passage Scroll to the Underworld

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Available from Scroll Trader?[edit source]

They are according to this[1] thread on guru. Can anyone else confirm? Maybe a pic? I'll wait for futher confirmation before updating the page.

i just bought 2 scrolls to FOW and 1 to the underworld from the rare scroll trader in Lair of the Forgotten. I couldn't buy any more because he said " I have just run out of that item."

The traders (everywhere, they are all working on the same stock) have those for sale if players sell it to them. the traders are currently thinking that its value is only around 1k, which means that almost no one sells those scrolls to them, and that the scrolls are being grabbed right away. they will slowly realize that those scrolls are worth a bit more, until they'll have the right price, and they could gather a stock, like for every other item they have. Foo 18:13, 30 July 2007 (CDT)

May 24th Update[edit source]

I'm pretty sure it applies to the Underworld as well, you can get scroll drops from monsters there.