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Other Quests to do[edit source]

It can be well worth doing this quest at the same time as Proof of Courage, since Castellan Puuba is a level 15 warrior who can be very useful in taking down the corsairs of this quest if you're of a low level.

The main issue to keep in mind is to avoid any of the wandering Bladed Termites or Stalking Nephila, since Puuba will attack them on sight, and once he's killed 10 monsters, he'll stand still and cease to provide any further assistance to your party. Alternatively, after stepping out of the Sunspear Great Hall, give Puuba a wide berth, and kill any creatures on the path to the corsairs yourself, before returning back to activate the Quality Steel and Proof of Courage quests.

A good follow-on quest that can also be done at the same time is Suwash the Pirate, since the first corsair group you need to defeat for this is next to the wounded corsair of Proof of Courage, the other mobs are very close by, and lead naturally to the Champion's Dawn outpost, once Suwash the Pirate quest has been completed just outside.

--BramStoker 15:47, 1 February 2007 (CST)