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mendel's notes[edit source]

I've chosen a square size for the pictures; because of that, square screenshots will look best in this gallery.

The left column doesn't align properly because some other columns are longer, and DPL doesn't top-align this one. I am thinking about a fix.

I edited the Tormented Shield to not show the second animation picture in the infobox because it showed up in the gallery. If we want the second animation picture in the gallery (or simply don't mind), that edit can be reverted.

It is currently hard to automatically do separate categories for Paragon and Warrior shields because the shields don't have categories for it, and the linked attributes are unusable. I suggest that the attribute links be reworked to

  • have attribute1= , attribute2= etc. like the images do now (preferably matching up?)
  • have these attributes not have the link brackets, because it is easier to add those if needed than to strip them

This means no comments on the attributes, but that is good for automation. If that is done, we can probably do shield galleries by attribute, and hence, by profession. --◄mendel► 14:05, 25 August 2008 (UTC)