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Please crop the screenie so it is a pic of the SHIELD not the USER. X Deity X 13:05, 12 September 2007 (CDT)

Seconded. E-Penises not welcome here.-- 05:32, 15 September 2007 (CDT)
It is sometimes interesting to have a part of the user's body in order to evaluate correctly the size of the weapons,shields...
Nice try Alonisea, but not signing posts doesn't prevent us from seeing who wrote things if you're logged in when you submit it. And who uploaded the screenshot in the first place? Why, Alonisea! Impartial voice of reason you are not, ha ha. I concur with the other comments, please crop the image. If you won't, somebody else will. (Signing my post because I have nothing to hide)-Gildan Bladeborn 13:24, 19 September 2007 (CDT)
Do you honestly believe that anyone is going to recognise some random player? It's nice to be able to see scale when looking at items. This is perhaps overdoing it a little, but still a very valid argument. You're not terribly impartial yourself in this argument. mikkel 11:35, 20 September 2007 (CDT)
Did you somehow construe that I'm an acquaintance of Alonisea or something? I was just looking at the article history and the name listed as the contributor for the image. Methinks you don't know what impartial means, I have no personal grudge (never heard of Alonisea before now) and my own contributions in the realm of image uploading follow the same criteria I advocate here.
On the subject of "recognizing random players", my answer would be: No. I don't think anyone is going to recognize random players who take pictures mainly showing themselves and not what the article is supposed to be about. The evidence suggests they think that though, why else would they be doing it? Nobody visits a page about a weapon expecting to see some random player showing off, so why would those sorts of images be okay? Notes on item size are what the Description section are for, or as an additional image in the article (Like the dye guides on some pages). -Gildan Bladeborn 13:52, 24 September 2007 (CDT)
Gah, is this article about the shield or purple mesmers? Agreed, crop image please, someone that knows how.--Ryudo 06:16, 21 September 2007 (CDT)
It's a really low res pic without much of the shield's details so i'd be much better if someone would just post a new one, so not bothering Jennalee 13:06, 21 September 2007 (CDT)
New image, higher resolution :) Into the Rift 22:10, 22 September 2007 (CDT)

Wow someone has their head stuck up their ass (Got nothing to hide either) Cracker 17:43, 23 September 2007 (CDT)

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