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"The Skeleton mesmers are skeletons; as such they suffer extra damage from blunt weapons (-20AL)and suffer reduced damage from piercing weapons (+20 AL), with base AL vs. slashing and the elemental damages."

This is interesting... but also strikes me as a slightly strange thing to know. Is there any ingame way to tell what armor bonuses or penalties a given creature has against specific damage types, or is this merely an empirical observation (which is certainly a respectable way of gathering information, particularly if you do multiple tests with Wild Blow and so on, but highly inconvenient and often impractical for gathering information on any random given monster type)?

I believe all data like these are gathered empirically. —Tanaric 02:05, 2 December 2005 (UTC)

AL Research[edit source]

  • Standard AL: 46 (Slash, Fire, Water, Air, Earth)
  • AL vs Blunt: 26

Is this also in the fissure of woe?