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in the text someone says: Their lethal nuking/spiking combo makes this one of the hardest areas in the Underworld. This is not good english. I myself are not English, but i know that: one of the hardest, wrong is. Good should be, the hardest, or one of the harder parts. There can only be one hardest area. You sugggest here that there are more hardest area's in The Underworld. Of course this is crab. There can only be one the be the hardest.

Quote-Their lethal nuking/spiking combo makes this one of the harder areas in the Underworld.

Are you saying that the sentence is not grammatically correct? If you are saying that 'one of the hardest' is incorrect because there can only be one hardest location, then I would have to disagree. Although it does not conform to the hard -> harder -> hardest format (easy -> easier -> easiest), having "one of the hardest" is still appropriate. Anyway makes it seem more scary. Khazad Guard 12:29, 7 December 2007 (UTC)

As a native english speaker I will back him- it IS grammatically correct. "One of the hardest" Implies that it is "Part" of the larger encompassing hardest rather than a plural of the "hardest". If you are not at a native english speaker please leave the pages alone, it is quite obvious from your above message that your grammar is not up to par with a native level yet. If it seems odd to you, research why it's like that- chances are it's correct.( 22:17, 12 June 2009 (UTC))