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Actually, you can complete this mission without going into the heavily guarded green areas (SE corner of SF) with a little exploring. There are 5 slaves that are pretty easily accessible. I did it pretty easily with a party of NPCs and being careful not to aggro large groups. They are:

1. Across the clearing from Molachev. 2. At the location where Flamewhip was for the Slaves quest. 3. By the Crushers where the quest cold One takes place there is a slave. 4. The trail below the crushers (follow around to the right and up the 1st trail on the left). 5. The trail below the bridge that has sections that needs to be lowered into place before crossing it.

~Torin Truepath~

question[edit source]

Will he spawn as an NPC if you have killed him in the Unruly Slaves quest? Imor Metchem 23:59, 6 March 2007 (CST)