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I just got banned for my first time for using a racial slurs (From the shining, the bathroom scene) and it tells me I have 58 hours left.

just don't do it, and you won't get suspended. I think racial slurs are more serious then other offenses, however. Cress Arvein 22:02, 20 November 2007 (UTC)

I got suspened, though I don't really know what for, and I think these suspensions are really effective. If I feel as if I should clean up my language, be politer and help other people more because of this suspension, while I don't really know what I did, they have to be effective. The one thing that could make this better is if they were to tell you where you had gone wrong, especially in the case of 'abuse of language'. Ryve 23:52, 06 January 2008 (UTC+1)