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Unless he has multiple spawning points I encountered him in the furthest NE corner of the area. At first he says to get away and while not conned as hostile. Then after mutttering to his pet Irontooth Drake monster named Nund, or to an unseen spirit of his father, he grows impatient and orders Nund to attack, which they both fight to the death. I am not sure as of yet what makes him spawn, I was out doing multiple quests when I encountered him. Going back to the same location I was unable to get him to respawn (after killing him the first time). There may be an option where if you remove your aggro ring from him that something different happens.--Rafe Alexander 20:37, 16 February 2007 (CST) I went to the same area with my Prophecies character--who hadn't explored it yet--and he was in the same spot. I had no active nightfall quests. I had to get pretty close to him before he went hostile this time, but with the delay between hostile and action I ran away and didn't kill him. I sat with him in my aggro ring for a while and nothing happenned, so it must be a vicinity trigger. I wonder if a ranger can try to tame his pet? I found [Bahltek] nearby onthis particular excursion, but I talked to him after The hermit went hostile, I doubt there's a connection anyhow. So I went and killed his pet then mapzoned to the Astralarium (I'm Lazy), went back and he was there again (No Bahltek). Gave up on ideas when he only went hostile yet again.--Rafe Alexander 07:22, 17 February 2007 (CST)

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