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i want to know if there is some function to obtain the sell-buy rate.

It seems to increase the porcentage of lose for lower prices items, than the high- priced ones.

I took this info on some current online prices

Sell- Buy- Profit %

30- 130- 433%

50- 150- 300%

60- 160- 267%

70- 160- 229%

80- 180- 225%

90- 180- 200%

1800- 2400- 133%

2900- 3700- 128%

6000- 8000- 133%

I can graphic it (i don't know how to put a graphic here) and some formulae may be obtained. any help?

Helping[edit source]

You can upload graphics here [1] and then in page you want the graphic be visible type:


where filename.png is a file you uploaded.