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I like Wait-Don't-Sue more. Seems more useful. Immunity to a lawsuit, just think of the miracles!

Humorous, but vandalism. Keep it on your userspace if you want to make a joke out of it. -Auron My Talk 02:40, 31 March 2007 (CDT)

Actually neither Finding the Oracle quest or Closer to the Stars quest are a requirement to become Weh no Su. Technically only the actual mission Nahpui Quarter is the sole requirement but if the additional steps are because they are needed to get to Nahpui Quarter, then only Vizunah Square mission should preceed Nahpui Quarter mission. Players can gain acess after completing Vizunah Square Mission by simply being in a party who one other player has the quest Closer to the Stars.

Given that it is impossible to enter Nahpui Quarter mission without having completed Vizunah Square Mission then it is redundant to state that Vizunah Square Mission is a requirement for Weh no Su