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Taro Leaves

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Taro Leaves
Taro Leaves.jpg
Item details
Item type: Quest Item
Quest: see text description
Campaign: Eye of the North
Map to the Taro Leaves plant
  • The Taro Leaves can be found along the southern edge of Alcazia Tangle, near Tarnished Haven. After you retrieve the Taro Leaves, bring them to Oggy southwest of Alcazia Tangle. There is no other known use for the leaves at this time. Note that if you have a Taro Leaf in your inventory, continuing to click on the Taro Leaf bush does nothing. However, if you continue to drop the leaves you get on the ground, there appears to be no limit to the number of leaves you may harvest from the bush. The Taro Leaves are stackable in your inventory.
  • If you leave and re-enter Alcazia Tangle and return to Oggy, he will wear the Taro Leaves on his ears, and the dialog between Oggy, Jezza, and Florggi will change to the following:

Florggi: Oggy, what in the heck do you have on your head? Did you get attacked by a salad? You look ridiculous!
Oggy: Ladies, no need to stare. I realize not everyone can carry off this look as well as I can. Tell you what. If you're nice, maybe I'll let you come a little closer and touch 'em.
Florggi: ...
Jezza: They're very cute, Oggy.
Oggy: Ha! Score one for the Oggmeister.
Florggi: Ew, gross! You don't actually like this creep, Jezza?
Jezza: What? A girl can't compliment another Asura on his impeccable taste?
Oggy: Yeah! All right! That's what I'm talkin' about!
Florggi: Disgusting! Don't encourage him. Ugh...I don't know if I can be friends with you anymore.
Jezza: Oh, blow it out your floppy ears.
Oggy: Flawless victory! Uh huh! Who's the man? Me, that's who.
Jezza: Okay, Oggy. You can shut up now.
Oggy: Yes, ma'am.