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{{{art}}} Armor
Profession: [[{{{profession}}}]] [[Image:{{{profession}}}-icon.png]]
Campaign: [[{{{campaign}}}]]
Used by
{{{used by}}}


This template formats the input to handle undefined and special cases for Pass data to Template:Armor art box main, in addition to adding catagorical tags.


This is to be used for armor art types. They may or may not be function specific.


  • art
    Expected input: The name of the armor art. Not to be used with Function Specific Armors.
  • type
    Expected Input: The name of the art used. Use with Funtion Specific Armors.
  • used by
    Expected Input: What Funtional Armor types can be purchased using the art style. Only 1 for Function Specific Armors.
  • materials
    Expected Input: Needed materials to craft armor.
  • campaign, campaign2 and campaign3
    Expected Input: The Chapter's name the armor belongs to.
  • name (optional)
    Expected Input: Armor's Name to overide Type or Art
  • ascended (optional)
    Expected input: yes or no(default).
  • event (optional)
    Expected input: yes or no(default).


  • Armor Art Info table
  • Catagory Campaign
  • Category Profession
  • Category Status/Special Event
  • Category Needs Icons

Pseudocode of old Version

Set name to "(Type xor Art)+'Armor'" if not defined.
Set ascended to ascended. Defaults to no.
Set profession to profession. Defaults to Any.
Set materials to materials. Defaults to <emptyset>
Set useded by to used by. Defaults to <emptyset>
Set art to art. Defaults to <emptyset>
Set type to type. Defaults to <emptyset> Set Icon name to <blank> in the following priority:

  • Art Name
  • Icon Name
  • Profession ("Ascended" or undef) type (art or undef)
  • ("Ascended" or undef) Type 'Armor'

Pass data to Template:Armor art box main
Catagorise Armor by Campaign.
Catagorise Armor by Profession.
Catagorise Armor by Status. Catagorise Armor as a Special Event Armor.