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Template:Community event

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Community event
Community Event
Host {{{host}}}
Sponsors {{{sponsors}}}
Location (District) [[{{{location}}}]] ({{{district}}})
Date {{{date}}}
Time {{{time}}}
Duration {{{duration}}}
Type of Event {{{type}}}
Link [{{{url}}} ]

How to use this template[edit source]

All of the parameters are required, time does not need to be in any particular format or time zone, as the boxes are updated manually. URL is automatically linked, and can be entered in plain text. When using the status variable, use past, present or future. Message can be used to edit the quick boxes at the top of a page, but is not required.

{{Community event
  | host = 
  | sponsors = 
  | location = 
  | district = 
  | date = 
  | time = 
  | duration =
  | type = 
  | url = 
  | status = 
  | message =