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Template:Gallerybox image

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Usage[edit source]

This template differs from Template:Gallerybox in that it requires the whole pagename, including any file extension, to be given.

{{gallerybox image|Battlepick.jpg}} {{gallerybox image|Battlepick.jpg|200}} {{gallerybox image|Battlepick.jpg|200|100}} {{gallerybox image|Battlepick.jpg|caption=Battle Axe}}
[[Image:Battlepick.jpg|125x100px|Battlepick.jpg]] [[Image:Battlepick.jpg|200x200px|Battlepick.jpg]] [[Image:Battlepick.jpg|200x100px|Battlepick.jpg]] [[Image:Battlepick.jpg|125x100px|Battlepick.jpg]]
  • This template uses the CSS classes defined for the <gallery> tag.
  • Can be used with DPL's %TITLE% as parameter.